Our Events Programme


Successful Women Series

As part of the ‘Diversity in FinTech’ flagship initiative created by the UCL FinTech Society, the Successful Women Series aims to explore and highlight the representation of women in the FinTech space by bringing together successful female industry leaders to share their experiences along with the opportunities and challenges they have faced throughout their careers. Through numerous webinar-style panels and fireside chats, UCL FinTech Society hopes to provide the audience with rich industry insights into FinTech while also allowing attendees to learn more about ways to navigate the professional environment. With the aim of empowering participants to recognise and use their diverse backgrounds as a strength, we hope these opportunities will provide career-guiding stepping stones for aspiring female leaders of the future who would like to venture into FinTech or Tech careers.

Proud to be DIFferent

The Diversity in FinTech (DIF) Series consists of the BAME Speaker Series and the Successful Women Series. DIF Provides a platform connecting those who have been successful to those at the start of their journeys will help these young professional minorities realise their full potential, and help them overcome these unique challenges. Giving them the ability to scout firms on their diversity policies and support networks give these professionals a better picture of their future career prospects at your firm. If you want to hire the best talent, prospective candidates need to get a feel for the safety of the corporate environment at your firm. This opportunity to learn from prominent leaders that they identify with, will provide insight into their potential at your firm. These topics will also help acquaint them to deal with the challenges of a diverse work environment, allowing them to integrate better with your diverse teams.

BAME Speaker Series

The BAME Speaker Series is an opportunity for aspiring students to listen to successful Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic individuals who will speak about their own success stories as well as various challenges they’ve had on their journey to the top of their respective fields. The event will be held as a number of panels, fireside chats as well as seminars. The series is an excellent platform to tackle key issues involving race in the workplace and how to get around similarity bias when being considered for a promotion. Knowing about these issues is paramount to success in an environment with ever-increasing diversity. The event also gives talented students the chance to network with successful individuals from a large cohort of outstanding companies. This is an invaluable and rewarding experience that prepares fellow students for their journey into industry in the near future.

The FinTech Career Incubator (FCI)

The FinTech Career Incubator (FCI) is a new initiative designed to equip students with the essential tools and experience necessary to enter the job market. With the importance of commercial awareness in mind, this 7-week program will take students on a deep dive into the world of FinTech to prepare them for a professional career in industry through panel talks, workshops, networking sessions and more. This is also an opportunity for students to get ahead of the talent market by participating in a series of FinTech activities while surrounding themselves with many outstanding individuals. Keep an eye out for applications to open for a chance to be a part of an exclusive cohort of FinTech Career Incubatees!

FinTech Outreach Programme

Join us on our quest to increase social mobility! Through our new outreach programme with Women in Finance Society, we will be sending volunteers and industry professionals to schools throughout London to inspire students to look at Technology, Finance, and University differently. Stay tuned for more details about how to get involved!

Key Events

LegalTech Conference

The inaugural legaltech conference in collaboration with KCL Blockchain brings together inquisitive minds who want to explore the transformative effect of technology on the legal industry. In the past decade, so much has changed in the legal industry that firms have to innovate in order to remain competitive in this increasingly challenging market. Legaltech startups as well as in-house technology incubators have risen up to disrupt the legal industry with increasing efficiencies and cost savings for clients, who now panelize their legal advice among multiple firms and run competitive bids for panel seats. If you want a glimpse of what the future of the legal industry looks like, come along and find out!

Future of Finance

Are you unsure about the Future of Finance and your place in it? Join industry leaders, CEOs, and us to find out what is currently impacting and transforming the Financial sector. Speakers will share their insights and predictions for the Future of Finance ranging from technical disruption to global shifts in perspectives. Find out what opportunities there are and where you fit in.